Technology has transformed our way of living.   Our society has become closer as a result of modern technology.  People can communicate with each other easily with the use of new technology like mobile phones.   It has become to me that mobile phones have become an essential device for everyone to communicate with each other.  These days you would hardly see people walking without mobile phones.

In our current society, mobile phones do not only serve as a communication device, but they can also be used a tool to capture memories. More mobile phone devices come with camera capabilities.  This has created new ways to photograph i.e. Mobile photography.  I feel that Mobile photography has now become part of our modern culture.

It is impossible not to mention how people share pictures that they have taken on their mobile phones via online communities such as Facebook, Flickr or 500px. Sharing images online through mobile phone has become so common in our society.  I have tried it myself, and I must admit that it has been fun doing it.

Will mobile phone be used as “a primary tool for street photography”?  What will happen then? Will the craft of photography be obsolete if that happens?  Who knows if this will replace real cameras in the future?   No one can really predict it.  Many people have said that mobile photography will destroy the art of photography.  They might be right.

You might want to check out the following blogs and decide yourself if you are pro or against this topic

But for now, if you have not tried it then you should give it a go.

You might like to view more images from my mobile photography project.  Alternatively, you can check it on my Instagram page. You can also try Instagram yourself.

Have you tried to do mobile photography?  Are you on Flickr or 500px?  What do you think about mobile photography and online sharing on sites like Flickr or 500px?  What is your favorite sites for image sharing online?

Watana’s Note: You might like to check this for tips on how to master shooting street photography with the iphone from my dear friend/mentor Eric Kim

Updated on 25-May-12: Facebook has just released a camera app that has similar features to Instagram. You can check it yourself here.


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